Maria’s Memoirs


Maria Skarbek


This book was originally hand-written by Maria, my mother. Some years later it was typed up on a manual typewriter by Maria herself. It was retyped into Word ensuring that only the typing errors were corrected and that Maria’s original words were left unchanged.

Maria’s husband’s memoir,  Bellum Vobiscum, is available at: The title Bellum Vobiscum is Latin for "War be with you". It deals with the years 1939 to 1946.

Maria’s book covers the period from 1916 to her death in 1985.

George (Jurek) Skarbek, Maria’s elder son
Australia 2006


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Maria Skarbek


George Skarbek has also written a book, Computer Guide. This is a technical book dealing with computer problems, their solutions plus a tutorial section.

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